Galvanize Talent

Web application for connecting Galvanize graduates with jobs

Galvanize has graduated more than 750 stduents from their full-time Web Development and Data Science Immersive courses, and is commited to helping those students find careers post-graduation. To aid our Career Services team, we designed and built Talent to help them keep track of their students during the job hunt, as well as connect these students with jobs they fit well with. A large effort was put into helping our Career Services team automate their processes, while also creating a valuable job search experience for the students and applicant search experience for our company reps.

UX Design
UI Design


May 2016 - Current

Galvanize Dev Team

Persona development

Before digging deep into the design, I created personas for each specific user type to act a guide when designing a feature or screen specific to that user. It helped to have these north stars as a reference point to help expand on their motivations and background when using our application.


This was the general student persona that covered most of the student roles we were designing for. As the app matures, this persona will eventually need to be expanded on to account for different education types and course types.

Company Rep

This was the general company rep persona that was created for this user type. We found during our research that more than 75% of these user types using our application were recruiters, so we focused on this specific company role.

Career Services

This was the genral persona developed for the Galvanize staff interfacing with the applicaiton. This role originally started as a single job, but has since split into more specific roles. 

Starting on paper

Before diving into Sketch, I like to spend time working through rough ideas using pen and paper. Getting these ideas out quickly through sketching allows me to cycle through quick iterations, while also forcing me to elaborate and discuss ideal interactions when showing these designs to my peers for feedback. The rougher the better, and the more time I spend in this phase of the design always seems to pay out greater in the end design.

UI Design