Galvanize Learn

Learning Management System for students and instructors

Galvanize offers both part-time and full-time educational courses in web development, data science, and data engineering. Learn was developed to provide a digital backbone for our blended learning model for both students and instructors. The platform helps guide the learning path and pace for the students, as well as provide the instructors with real-time information on student performance. 

UX Design
UI Design


Nov 2016 - Jan 2017

Gustavo Esquinca
Clara Li
Galvanize Dev Team

Starting with a Design Sprint

To kickoff the design process, we decided to run a 5-day Design Sprint focused specifically on a the learning path of a part-time Web Development student. The idea behind the sprint was to quickly solve and test design problems related to the learning path, then build on this tested idea for future design sprints focused on other features. To do this, we interviewed various stakeholders involved in different parts of the student life cycle, from onboarding to graduation. We then performed a variety of structured brainstorming activities to eventually land upon a user flow and prototype to test with real users.

UI Design

Based on the feedback from the test prototype, we started crafting the user interface design for a student user. Because this platform was going to be used for both part-time and full-time courses, careful cossideration was used to keep all views flexible to fit either scenerio.